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Hello there! We're the world's best startup acceleration and incubation company!

We bring together some of the brightest and most successful minds in the industry to help early stage companies grow into thriving businesses.

As a team, we apply uniquely created strategies to help accelerate growth and give our portfolio companies a competitive edge.

Some of the value we add comes from our knowledge and experience in the many areas of advisement, and the high level of connections we bring to the table.

We only seek to work with compelling companies that have great teams, awesome products, and industry disruptive models.

Our goal

Set each company in the right direction in all areas of its business so it can grow successfully.

For each engagement, we learn the needs of the company, then reach out to our most relevant team members to form the best team suited for reaching this goal.

In spec, our team members consist of some of the most connected, successful, and accomplished serial entrepreneurs, angel investors, venture capitalists, senior executives, and simply some of the best minds in the industry.

We help each and every one of our portfolio companies get started on the right foot and help lay the proper foundation for continued growth.


As Albert Einstein once said “we can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." We believe that thinking outside the box helps spur innovation and creativity, which is key to the success of any business. Our model of putting together some of the most experienced and brightest minds will help empower any company to overcome obstacles and disrupt the status quo.


We currently have locations in the San Francisco, CA and New York areas, but strongly encourage companies to apply no matter where they're located. Our program is called the Global Startup Initiative because we work with companies from all around the world. Regardless of location, we'll structure things appropriately to work where you're already at, or potentially help to relocate you to one of our local areas.